Page last updated at 03:27:23 PM UTC ,Wednesday, 1st March 2017

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FJB introduce Electric Chargers

Universal Type-2 Chargers and Tesla Destination Chargers are now available at the Harbour Heights Hotel and Haven Hotel, and later this month at the Sandbanks Hotel.

FJB Electric Charging PointsVehicle owners can now travel from their home to Sandbanks with the peace of mind that we can recharge their car whilst they are dining or staying at one of our Sandbanks based properties. Making the travel process easier for a growing number of our guests.

At FJB Hotels we are are conscious of our carbon footprint and selective with all our products and services. Linking with Tesla was another beneficial union to extend and maximise our green credentials.

Our powered wall chargers, located in the parking areas, provide hotel guests and diners with even more choices to manage their environmental footprint.

Charging points are available FREE of charge to all our customers and guests.

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