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The Kitchen Pop Up Theatre part of Poole Maritime Festival

Event dates: 17 - 21 May 2017
Event address: Various

About the event:

Pop up Theatre Poole Maritime FestivalThe Kitchen Pop Up Theatre
17-21 May, various locations and times

Free light-hearted family prodution; 'The History of Poole Maritime in Thirty Minutes Flat Show'  …well, perhaps not all the history…just the tasty bits, presented by Idea Cabinet. 

Enjoy a romp through Poole's maritime history through the eyes of Galactic Interplanetary visitors in the guise of Steampunk space travellers, searching for somewhere to rehome that has a large 'Poole' of water.  Featuring vikings, pirates and the D-Day Landings, the show contains infectious join-in songs, comic interludes, true facts and some not-so-true revelations about the history of Poole and probably the worst jokes available this side of the Milky Way.

The Kitchen Community Pop-Up Theatre presents this show as a prelude to the launch of the main dinner theatre programme in September 2017. This show is written and produced by Idea Cabinet and is part of the Borough of Poole’s Maritime Festival. The 30-minute performance venues include:

Dates and Times

Wednesday 17th, May 3.00pm at The Kitchen, Poole Park 3pm 

Friday 19th May, 2.30pm at Seven Seas Festival, Baiter Park

Saturday 20th May, 1.00pm at The Kitchen, Poole Park 

Saturday 20th May, 5.00pm at The Taste of the South Food Festival, Poole Park

Sunday 21st May, 11.00am at Seven Seas Festival, Baiter Park

Sunday 21st May, 1.00pm at The Kitchen, Poole Park 

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